About Stray Cat Charters

If it's inshore sport fishing on our local waters or off shore deep sea fishing, Stray Cat Charters is the experience you are looking for.



The Stray Cat can take up to six passengers. If it is in shore sport fishing our local waters or off shore  deep sea fishing, stray cat charters is the experience you are looking for. Don't worry about missing your favorite sporting event. Watch LIVE TV on our Garmin monitor in high Definition.

Fishing Tours
We have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 hour fishing charters. For off shore trips, the trip must be a minimum of 6 hours.

2 Hour charter - $500.00
3 Hour charter - $600.00
4 Hour charter - $800.00
5 Hour charter - $1100.00
6 Hour charter - $1400.00
7 Hour charter - $1600.00
8 Hour charter - $2000.00
9 Hour charter - $2200.00
10 Hour charter - $2700.00
**Charter rates may change if fuel prices increase**

Convention Trips
For larger groups we can hire more boats. This is a great team builder for corporate functions, bachelor parties, or family reunions. It normally turns into a mini tournament giving plenty of bragging rights and good stories for the end of the day.

Nature Tours
We also have evening nature tours and dolphin cruises for the passengers that don’t want to fish. This is good for the family and the little ones. The trip is normally around 2 hours. The rate is $40 per adult and $20 per child. There is a 4 person minimum for this trip.

Bow Fishing Tours
Bow fishing is not always available. Captain Jim will determine if the crew is able, safety is important. Also the fish have to be on the surface in order to get a clean shot with the arrow. Give Captain Jim a call to learn more about bow fishing charters.


What Do We Fish For

It all depends on the season, regulations, size and catch limits, water temp, weather, tides and if we are in shore or off shore.

For in shore trips, depending on the season... We could target sheepshead, spanish mackerel, king mackerel, red fish, cobia, tarpon, sharks,...

For off shore trips, depending on the season... We could target, barracuda, amberjack, grouper, snapper, spade fish, black sea bass, trigger, cobia, king mackerel, shark...

Above is a calendar to give you an idea of what is biting certain times of the year. To find out more ask Captain Jim what is currently biting in shore or off shore.